Essential Equipment for Fetish Content Creation

If you’re looking to the branch into the world of fetish content creation, you’re in the right place. The likes of BDSM online can somewhat seem confusing if you’re new to the game! However, so long as you have the right equipment and importantly, the right attitude, you’ll be on the path to success in no time. Here are our top tips on essential equipment you’ll need as an adult content creator.


Invest in Yourself


It’s extremely important that you invest in yourself and your career. We’re speaking from a wealth of experience when we say quality equipment does make all the difference to the money you make in your fetish content creation venture. If you’re serious about making your new career work to your advantage, high quality technology and equipment means industry longevity. Nowadays, it’s becoming harder and harder to snap or stream content without core tools. It may seem like extra expenditure to begin with, but if you want to see those lifechanging figures in your bank account, invest in some great gear that will set you above the rest! You’ll soon make you money back – trust us!


Camera and Tripod


First things first, you’ll need a good quality camera. An external device (one that’s not in a laptop) will be your best friend in your venture. To make things convenient, you can use your smart phone, however, we must stress that the pixels must be high and the camera good enough to ensure clear and professional images/footage. Grainy and lacklustre images won’t cut it and your financial gains will suffer as a result. Any recent generations of Android or iPhone is a safe bet – the newer the model, the better the camera quality.

A professional digital camera will also produce beautiful content. There are plenty of excellent device models available that are within an affordable price range and easy to use, so you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to your new toy! Keep in mind that it’s easier to use mirrorless cameras because they also allow you to comfortably shoot horizontal videos for streaming sites.

Whatever external camera you choose, be sure to purchase a tripod too. A tripod allows you to gather content at the perfect angle, without any shaking. You can easily find one that is lightweight, portable and adjustable online.




Good lighting is everything in fetish content creation. A quality ring light is an essential universal tool to help you on your journey. We would suggest buying a dimmable version as it can quickly help to create different ambiences and portray you in different lights. Conveniently, most dimmable ring lights come with clicker control, so you can change the settings from wherever you are during your shoot or live stream.

A lighting aid means you can create content or go live at any time of the day and still be clearly in view for clients. Natural light can of course work well in the daytime; but having a good artificial lighting option opens up more opportunity, not to mention, you’ll always be shown at your best angles!




If you plan on offering private cam to clients, we suggest investing in a reputable laptop. Some laptops actually include a webcam and mic, which is good for back up should you need, but using an external cam will give you the best picture clarity. However, it is always nice to have another option for ultimate convenience. When it comes to laptops, it’s all down to personal preference – you might favour Windows over Mac, so use what is most comfortable for you and consider what is most compatible with your streaming accessories! So long as you can connect to your chosen streaming site, you’re all good.

We’d also suggest investing in a portable laptop table. This way, you can stream from any location, opening up more opportunities for content and cam!




Talking of live streaming, although most laptops do come with an internal microphone, we would suggest using a better one. These are really simple to use through USB, or clip above your laptop. It’s not essential but if you plan to private cam often, it’s a worthy investment. Cam microphones help to amplify your voice and enhance its tone, allowing you to really connect with your clients! In fact, they’ll likely feel like you’re in the room with them!




Naturally, the props you need as an adult content creator will really depend on the specific kink you market yourself towards and the clients you see on the regular. Fetish aesthetic and BDSM online will only work with the right props, so be sure to purchase exactly what you need.

It’s important to refresh your collection of outfits and lingerie every few months to mix things up within your content creation. Providing variation for clients will only increase your income, so having plenty of choice when it comes to your toys, tools and attire is a steadfast way to a larger following, higher earnings and industry success! Here are some of our top suggestions for bondage equipment and accessories tailored for fetish content creation to get you started:

  • Selection of lingerie
  • Selection of outfits - consider leather and PVC attire
  • Paddle/whip/flog/crop
  • Blindfold/handcuffs/hog ties/tape/ball gag
  • Ambient accessories - fairy lights/candles to add personality to your setting and create a comfortable yet alluring atmosphere for clients.


Interested in Fetish Content Creation?


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Aug 17, 2023
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