MyFet: Why Join Us?

Thinking of beginning your career as an adult content creator? Here at MyFet, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re acquainted with the adult industry or not, you may not be aware of just how an established content platform can elevate your success!

This week, we discuss just some of the reasons why you should join our fabulous fetish content platform and how it can benefit you!


Exclusive and Non-Saturated


It’s no secret that the competition in the adult industry is at an all-time high. In the last few years, the number of performers in the industry has steadily increased and with since the pandemic, those numbers have sky-rocketed! Fetish content creation is a little more niche than standard adult content creation because it involves a more streamlined approach.

Choosing to specialise in a kink, niche or fetish is a steadfast way to set yourself apart from other creators. MyFet is an established and credible domain in which those who love fetish content will come to find what ticks their boxes. In other words, you are guaranteed customers from the get-go, which means the chance of a loyal following and increased earnings are on the cards from the day your profile is live!

With other platforms saturated with a wide range of content from a whole host of different creators, it’s certainly harder to cut through the noise and make an impact if you’re just starting out. It can take months to build traction and see any return on investment. With MyFet, you will see results extremely quickly in comparison.


Higher Earnings


Appealing to a niche market means the potential to earn a lot more money through content creation. The scope of what you do with is broad, be it pictures, video, live skype and Kreator collaborations and each can be tailored to the content you wish to make! If you truly have a passion for what you do, this will reflect in what you offer your subscribers, and this will naturally encourage higher tips.


Keep More of What You Earn


Many adult content platforms take a large percentage of what each creator earns. At MyFet, we are strongly against this. This industry is lucrative and empowering for all creators and we believe it should stay that way.

We allow our Kreators to showcase their work in return for one of the most competitive financial gains in its sector. Our Kreators receive 80% of what they make weekly. The 20% commission we access is one of the lowest figures in the industry. This is invested back into the platform so that servers are safe, running costs are covered and content exchange and communication is always secure.


Safe and Secure


When you sign up with MyFet, we guarantee that the process is completely safe, secure, quick and above all discreet. Plus, it’s completely free to maintain your profile with us. You have our promise that any information we collect to verify you is de-identified and aggregated, so you can never be identified personally online. It should be noted that we do ask for Kreators to provide us with government issued ID for workplace compliance.

At MyFet, Kreators use Yoti to ensure privacy of personal information. The Yoti app is your secure digital ID and encrypted so only you can access your profile. It’s the safest place to store your personal details and you can securely share only the details required without revealing everything about yourself!

It must be mentioned that we take age verification extremely seriously. Every Kinkster and Kreator will go through the same safe and secure age verification process. We need to be sure that all those who access the site are of legal age.


A Diverse and Supportive Platform


At MyFet, anyone can join our exciting platform. Nature loves diversity, and so do we. In fact, its why fetish content platforms are so lucrative for creators! Everyone is attracted or turned on by something different and at MyFet, we celebrate this in one tantalising little corner of the internet!

What’s more, we are a real community and can offer support when you need it. With our knowledge and experience of the adult industry, you can always drop us a message if you have a query or need advice. Working online can sometimes feel lonely and daunting, especially if you’re learning the ropes. We are passionate about helping where we can so that every Kreator can achieve their goals!


We’d Love to Hear from You


What are you waiting for? Come and explore every side of yourself at MyFet! Our kink positive platform is your key to becoming a successful adult content Kreator!

Becoming part of our close-knit community couldn’t be easier. Simply click here to register, email us at, or for more information, take a look at our Instagram.

By admin
Jul 20, 2023
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