Our Guide to Female Domination

Want to become a domme? At MyFet, female domination is one of the most popular kinks! Many Kinksters love nothing more than being commanded and controlled by our Kreators! In this week’s Kreator hints and tips page, we detail how you can easily become more dominating when you’re online and what to look into if you’re just starting out.


What is a Domme?


A Domme, also known as a Dominatrix, is a female dominant in a BDSM role. A dominatrix can be of any sexual orientation, but this does not necessarily limit the genders of her submissive partners. Dommes are characterised by their strict nature and are known for inflicting physical pain and humiliation in many forms on their submissives. For those wishing to explore the female domination fetish, it’s important to understand that there are many ways in which you can be successful within this niche, as one size never fits all.


Key Communication


Successful domming requires intuition but also clear communication. Knowledge is power, so before you take on a new client, it’s important to have an initial conversation to establish boundaries and comfortability, whether it’s for images, personalised videos or live chat. Getting to know your sub means you can tailor content accordingly and increase your earning potential. It also ensures that you are on the same page from the get-go.


Taking Control


The best online dommes maintain control and composure. They have an innate confidence in all they do. Remember you control the narrative! You have the authority to carry our exactly what you’re comfortable with. Think about the character you wish to create and what you’re passionate about. Your domme character can be whoever you want her to be. Authenticity in this role is key. If you’re genuine and passionate about what you do, it’ll be easier to fully step into a female domination role whenever you’re creating content.


Building Your Confidence


Feel as though you need more confidence before you take the leap? At MyFet, we’re adult content creators ourselves; here are our top tips:


Invest in Your Look


From lingerie, costumes, make up and props, your domme look is very important when it comes to the success of your content. You’ll instantly feel more receptive to your role and it certainly builds the aesthetic for your clients. Having a few different options is a great idea too. This way, you’ll have variety to accommodate your mood!


Vivacious Vocals


Vocals are a sensory element and when you’re online, your voice plays a huge part in the immersive experience. There is a common misconception that as a dominatrix, you have to shout and scream at your clients. This isn’t necessarily true. It’s more about the build-up, working on the timbre and tone of your voice and honing into those qualities that enable your mistress persona stand out from the rest! Experiment with what sounds right for your persona and practice saying a few phrases to start telling your clients.


Niche Services


For clients who want female domination content, the typical motivators and fantasies of submission can be divided into four main categories: 


Shame-Based – Sexualising shame or stigma mentally or physically.

Objectification – Image based sexualisation or physical acts.

Service Oriented – Someone who thrives of validation, following rules and making others happy.

Power Play – Individuals who require a specific dynamic for varying reasons.


Carefully research these elements to decipher what you’d feel most comfortable channelling. Within these main categories, there are many sub-categories, for example, foot worship, spanking, sissification etc. There’s a lot to consider, so if you’d like some more information about specific domme services, you can always ask the MyFet team or other Kreators! Remember, the more you practice, the more confident you’ll be.


Get in Touch


If you have any other questions on female domination, BDSM content or how to use the MyFet platform, you can get in touch with a member of our team at hello@myfet.com, or you can direct message us on our Twitter/X accounts.

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Nov 09, 2023
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