Privacy and Protection Online for Adult Website Users

Privacy online for adult website users, or our Kinksters, is something we take very seriously at MyFet. The world of adult content is vast, and if you’re familiar with it, you’ll know that within this clique of sorts, people are often open about exactly what do and what they like! However, outside of the safe space, many adult content subscribers want to keep their online preferences inconspicuous, so not interfere with their personal lives.

Here, we discuss our recommended precautions for Kinksters to implement if they want to remain anonymous online.


You Shouldn’t Be Penalised for Watching Porn


Firstly, we want to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with watching porn. Whether it’s fetish, vanilla, any kind of subscription content like MyFet. So long as it’s legal, consensual and enjoyable for all involved, there is nothing wrong with watching it.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where, although better in recent years, the world of adult content is still a taboo subject that is widely frowned upon. Whether you are a content creator, or an avid user of adult sites, you’ve probably come under scrutiny of some kind, even if it was generalised and not aimed at you directly.

But why are we tarnished with this brush? The truth is that humans are curious beings and sex is in our nature! In fact, YouGov recently reported that over 35% of the UK population watches porn once a week! Adult content should be normalised and at MyFet, we work hard to create a safe, kink positive community where all are welcome.


Anonymity is The Best Policy


This being said, because not everyone’s views are the same, it’s important that adult website users are careful to protect their privacy online. People often don’t realise just how easy it is to be found via a search engine in a matter of seconds. Social media has made it extremely difficult for anyone to remain completely anonymous. However, it is possible to protect your real identity. With a few easy and simple steps in place, it will save you a multitude of potential tricky issues and awkward conversations further down the line.


Browse Incognito


Firstly, switch your browser to incognito or private mode when looking at your chosen adult content! If you’re using a shared computer, this is especially important. This will prevent your web browsing history and cache from saving to your computer and give you that extra layer of privacy from the get-go. Just to be safe, be sure to clear your history after browsing adult content.


Social Sign Ups


These are the platforms to be most careful of if you don’t want your true identity exposed and your online activities potentially divulged in front of family and friends! It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – don’t associate your Kinkster alias with your personal profiles. Don’t add mutual friends that could connect you, don’t add your real date of birth, your location, job title – anything that could create a link between the two accounts.

Most social media platforms will ask for your email address or phone number upon sign up. So, if you’ve created a new account, DO NOT register using your personal phone number, an email with your name in it, or one that is associated with your everyday profiles. Be sure to register using another number and/or an email address that isn’t obviously associated with you.


Snapchat Privacy Settings


Adult website users should ensure that all social media privacy settings are on. However, extra measures should be taken with Snapchat. This platform uses email or phone number to authenticate your account. If your personal number is connected to your Snapchat account, you will show up on your phone contacts’ suggested Snapchat friend list! We would recommend that the ‘allow contacts to find you using number’ setting is turned off to prevent this; if you do decide to utilise a phone number, register with a separate number altogether.

Snapchat will also consistently ask you to ‘sync your contacts’ to you profile. As you can imagine, if you’re using your personal number, this could have a detrimental impact on your day-to-day life. Don’t ever sync your contacts, this is a steadfast way to announce your sexual preferences to everyone you have saved on your phone.

Additionally, unless you turn it off, Snapchat will show your approximate physical location on its maps. So, be sure to activate ‘Ghost mode’ so that no one is able to see your whereabouts through the application!


Be Smart with Your Endeavours


Always keep in mind, you don’t have to give away any information that you don’t feel comfortable to do so. The beauty of being online is that things can be more inconspicuous. By all means, give out your Kinkster name, email address, number and social profiles. However, we wouldn’t advise giving out facts associated with your real identity if you’re worried about privacy.

At MyFet, we know that in the fetish world especially, people get attached, find friendships and genuinely want to help within the industry because they’re passionate about it. For example, we know Kinksters who run various fan accounts. However, it’s incredibly important to use different contact information that doesn’t link back to your personal information, no matter how attached you feel. It really could risk a lot more than you bargained for.


Our Private Platform


At MyFet, the safety and protection of our individual adult website users is everything. We are a security focused, supportive network of adult industry professionals who want only the best for our Kreators and Kinksters alike! For more information on the strict privacy precautions we take, head to our FAQ page.

Would you like to explore the UK fetish scene more? Simply click here to register, or get in touch with us via email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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Jul 27, 2023
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