How To Become A Fetish Model

Do you want to become a fetish model? If the fetish world intrigues you and you’re thinking of branching into a new and diverse career path, you’re in the right place! Fetish content creation offers benefits that many other industries cannot. Not only is it extremely lucrative, but it allows performers the ultimate work-life balance.


What is a Fetish Model?


A fetish model is someone who specialises in niche content creation that is catered specifically to sexual fetishes and kinks. Fetish content creation ranges from pictures, videos and live streams and can involve wearing specific clothing, utilising different toys and devices and even highlighting body parts that appeal to the fetish of interest. To become a fetish model, you must be over 18.


Know Your Niche


Knowing your niche is a fundamental part of becoming a successful fetish model. Without this, it would be incredibly hard to market yourself! Being a Kreator can earn you a lot of money, however, it’s important that you choose to specialise in a fetish you’re passionate about and that you enjoy! Having a genuine love for what you do will always convey over camera and consequently, you’ll earn a lot more money!

When making your decision, consider the following:

  • Choose a fetish that feels authentic.
  • Consider what you would feel completely comfortable doing on camera.
  • Research the type of content that would need to be produced or requested depending on your chosen niche. Consider the popularity of your chosen kink.
  • Take a look at the equipment you may need to invest in.

Market research ensures you are able to make more informed decisions and can maximise your chances of higher earnings. If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at our guide to the most popular kinks.


Social Media Sign Up


If you want to become a fetish model, a great place to get your feet off the ground is social media. The goal of any fetish content creator is to gain a loyal following, as this guarantees higher visibility and ensures regular income. Bear in mind that some social channels are hot on hardcore adult content on their platforms. However, there are ways to get around this. Plus, you don’t ever want to give too much away for free, so teasing your audience will help to entice them over to your subscription-based content.

Social Media is a great way to market yourself and the best part is that it’s easy to access and it’s free! Your initial clientele will most likely come from your social media efforts. We would recommend creating Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok accounts based on your fetish model persona. This way, there won’t be any confusion with your personal profiles, and this can be a safe place where you can post solely work endeavours!

Make sure you are using the relevant hashtags so that your target audience can discover your content and follow people who are already established within the industry and producing similar content to yours. This will encourage engagement and new followers. Be sure to post regularly on what you’re up to, post teasers and show your personality through all that you do! This will help to ensure conversion to your fetish model subscription account.

Social media is a constant upkeep. Many people think that a few hundred followers and some regular clientele means their work is done. However, it’s quite the opposite. You must keep these connections, whilst sparking new interest. Use your channels to engage with everyone and be sure to announce every time you have some fresh content up for your clients’ viewing pleasure; this will keep them coming back for more!


Invest in Your Success


If you’re serious about a career in adult content creation, our advice would be to make sure you invest in what you need to succeed. It’s no secret that the industry is highly saturated and to stand out, your work must be high quality, ooze personality and offer something a little different from the next model. This is why fetish content creation is a great niche in itself to try.

To begin with, we would recommend getting:

  • A good quality camera (this can be your phone)
  • Tripod
  • Adjustable dimmable ring light
  • Outfits, lingerie, accessories needed for your chosen niche content
  • Laptop with a cam and microphone if doing lives

It may seem like a lot of expenditure to start with, but this is what is needed to help you produce quality photos and video, plus it gives you the option to expand the variety of content you can capture. Don’t forget to play around with angles too!

Once you’re successfully selling content, you’ll most likely get more custom requests from your fans. You can then charge an extra fee for bespoke and personalised content! Remember, how much money you make depends on how much you work. The more you work, the more money can be made, however, marketing yourself correctly will enable you to charge your fans more! 


Live Shows


If you want to further increase your earnings as a fetish model, live shows are a great source of income. Providing you have the right equipment, you can become a fetish model who offers live streaming the get-go. Live shows are more interactive than pictures and videos because they’re in real time. They involve going online and connecting with your clients live. If you’re using a platform, you can receive a per-minute rate and tips as payment, or you can arrange private skype cam sessions, which have the potential to earn considerable profit.

The great things about lives are that many platforms already cater to specific fetishes, so getting an initial audience shouldn’t be an issue. You can then encourage these customers to buy your subscription content. Combining both of these income streams can really maximise your revenue.


Join MyFet


Anyone can become a fetish model with MyFet! Our integrated platform offers a safe and secure space for all things kink positive. What’s more, we are a supportive community with experience in the adult industry, so you can always drop us a message if you have a query or need advice.

Joining us couldn’t be easier, simply click here to register, email us at, or for more information, take a look at our Instagram. What are you waiting for? Come and explore every side of yourself…

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Aug 10, 2023
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