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How to Boost Your Earnings by Targeting Your Audience

How to Boost Your Earnings by Targeting Your Audience 


MyFet Kreators can easily boost their earnings by targeting their audience accordingly. If you’re a Kreator with MyFet, you can easily do this using our platform! Remember, the ultimate goal is to increase the amount of Kinksters who know about your platform and therefore, subscribe to your content, make purchases in your PPV Store or even order custom content! 

Ensuring that the right traffic can find your profile from the get-go is vital. It’s targeted viewers who are most likely to convert into paying customers and boost your income! 

Ensuring an Easy User Journey

The first step is to ensure that the journey to your profile and your content is easily accessible and most of all, enticing. Don’t overcomplicate things, as this could result in bounced traffic – if people can’t find what they’re looking for or their interest isn’t sparked, they’ll click off of your profile within a matter of seconds.

To give yourself the best chance of client retention and increasing your earning potential, make your bio, hashtags and content previews alluring enough for viewers to stay focused on your corner of the internet. 

MyFet Tip: Log in to your profile and leave it on in the background. Having an online presence will boost your profile, even if you aren't actually needing to do anything on your page. 



Selecting Your Fetishes - Kinksters select their fetishes within their profile which means MyFet automatically display all Kreators who provide for one or more of their fetishes to them. This means when setting up your profile as a Kreator, select the fetishes that you focus on. You can edit this list at anytime, but this is the first way to get your profile seen. 


Creating Posts - Whether it is for your paid wall or your free wall, use hashtags, for example: #blonde #leather #ballgag #highheels #tights #stockings). Kinkster can search words based on their fetish so if they find your profile filled with kinky content they love, they will stick with you for longer, they may subscribe, they may be a loyal customer to your PPV store, they may order customs or they may just pay to chat to you about their fetish. You can lift your revenue hugely by ensuring you tag all content! 

MyFet Tip: Have an email or Notes page with all of your hastags, then copy and paste it across and delete the tags not required, this will save you time!

Creating PPVs - When creating a PPV item, there is a box where you can select your fetishes, this works the same way as creating a post does. Tag what you see, Kinksters can search your PPV store and the MyFet Clip Store based on fetish words. So the more fetish tags relating to your content the more audience you will reach! 


Reach Out

Direct marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your earnings. This is where you reach out to specific viewers and subscribers based on what you know about them. There are a few ways Kreators can do this:

  • If you are new to MyFet and wish to entice Kinksters over from another platform, use a promotion or free trial. Free trials are especially ideal when it comes to encouraging Kinksters to join a new platform. 
  • Set a promotion going, who doesnt love a sale?
  • Message new subscribers. Everybody loves to feel special!  Message new subsribers and engage with them. Ask them questions, remember things about them. This will encourage loyality and Kinkster will stay loyal and may even help promote you too! 
  • If a Kinkster has been liking particular fetish content, propose a personalised video that includes more of what they’ll like, if they subscribe.
  • Use your Free wall to direct Kinkster who do not wish to subsribe to the PPV store to peruse or buy videos/photo sets.
  • Use your Free Wall to offer Kinksters custom videos or photo sets, where they can “direct their own content”.
  • If you’ve noticed that a Kinkster has a particular interest in your content, we have a ‘flirt’ feature on MyFet! Simply search their name and send them a ‘flirt’ to start a conversation and get to know them a little better.
  • You can even use the "flirt" feature to say thank you to those non subscribers who have purchased your content - something no other platform has! 


Make It Personal

Look for opportunities to make things personal! Kinksters are looking for connection and instilling that personalised touch will make the biggest impact when it comes to an increase in your earnings.

With MyFet, you can offer discounts and free trials. You can use the Myfet messenger to send out these trials to entice your target audience. We suggest accompanying with a ‘flirt’ message, or you can also offer 10% discount on customs for those who take a discounted subscription or free trial, for that extra personal touch.

Additionally, a friendly and flirty introduction group message using MyFet messenger will allow you to target more Kinksters, spark a higher volume of interest in your profile and encourage your target audience to subscribe. MyFet Kreators shouldn’t underestimate how important the authentic and humanised element of fetish content is. 


Get in Touch

At MyFet, our Kreator’s opinions are the most important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our site for your optimum usage, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any other questions on how to use the MyFet platform, you can get in touch with a member of our team at, or you can direct message us on our Instagram and Twitter/X accounts.


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