MyFet Collective

MyFet Collective

How to start a MyFet promotion

There are a couple of ways you can treat Kinksters to a discount on your MyFet page.

Step 1 - Starting on your MyFet profile, press fee. You can change your subscription fee here or select the discount toggle and set your now unique subscription sale price with no duration.

Step 2 - Alternatively, starting on your MyFet profile, scroll down until you see the "Profile promotion campaign" and click "Create a Promotion"

Step 3 - Here you can select the audience the promotion applies to, select the type of discount, enter a cheeky message, choose your offer limit, expiration and lastly the duration or percentage off. The promotional campaign will remain in situ on your profile, advising you of how many are left or when it has expired. You can also delete at anytime.




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