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How to create a MyFet free trial link

MyFet Free trial links are unique URLs that MyFet Kreators can generate and send to unique individuals for various reasons. This might be to reward a Kinkster for a task completed or it might be to give to another Kreator to gain likes on your page. Follow the step by step guide to find out how to create a free trial link.

Step 1 - Starting on your MyFet profile, scroll down until you see "Trial Links" and then click on the "Create a new free trial" button.

Step 2 - A pop up will appear, and in here you can set the trial name (This can be the persons username if for one person or a generic name if for more than one user). You can set the offer limit, expiration and duration.

Step 3 - Hit the "Create Trial" button and you trial will appear in situ, then just copy and paste the unique URL to those who you wish to join your profile.

Please note: With Free Trial Links you must provide the link to users, no one can see the link unless you give it to them personally or post it to your social media accounts.




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